Special Events

Custom Sun Clips

Custom clips for your favorite glasses are now available. Whether they be polarized clips for those bright days or a light tint to reduce glare at the computer, you can now have high-quality clips that fit well and look great on your glasses. $180

Donations to the Lions Club

Donations to the Lions Club are always welcome

Time: 9am – 5pm (M-F)
Location: Atrium-3rd level
701 5th Ave.
Suite #315
Seattle, WA 98104

Through the Recycle for Sight program, the Lions Club has collected used eyeglasses for distribution to less privileged people in developing countries. You can help out in this effort by donating your old glasses and sunglasses. This donation is always welcome at Columbia Vision Center.


Smart Line Collection

No Insurance?  Consider our Smart Line Collection.  Choose from 40 different frames.

2nd Pair Discount Always

We offer 30% off your second pair of prescription glasses (frame and lenses) if ordered within 30 days of any glasses purchase.  How nice would it be to have cool sunglasses, fatigue-fighting computer glasses, or a different, fun style of alternate eyewear!

Contact Lens Care Policy

When you purchase your contact lenses at Columbia Vision Center, you save time with the re-ordering hassle and help to keep your eyes healthy by complying with the doctor’s replacement recommendation (when you have the supply you need, you will replace them like you should). We also offer the following perks:

1) Competitive pricing
2) Replacement contacts for torn or ripped contacts
3) Complimentary travel size contact lens solution
4) Free shipping an annual supplies
5) We are conveniently located in case of emergency contact lens needs


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